Inside the Touch Tuina Kentish Town Clinic

Inside the Touch Tuina Kentish Town Clinic

Inside the Touch Tuina Kentish Town Clinic

Our Kentish Town clinic has now been open for over 9 years and has come a long way from the bare shell we first took over. Our first job was to plan out how the space would work and then set about completely refurbishing it, turning it into the warm, inviting and relaxing space you see today.

As you enter, you’re greeted by our wonderful receptionist, Lena, who has been with us for many years and is expert at guiding you through the initial registration process. Once registered, you’re ready for your first Tuina treatment and to enter the world of better health and movement.

The clinic is set over two floors, the ground floor housing the reception, two treatment areas, a heat cabinet and our private treatment room. On the lower level you’ll find more treatment areas, another heat cabinet, a Chinese herb preparation area and our kitchen and bathroom.

Every care has been taken to ensure that your visit to Touch Tuina Kentish Town will be as welcoming and comfortable as possible and we’re confident that you’ll feel at home straight away. The treatment beds are state of the art and there’s a whole selection of other equipment that can help with certain aspects of pain issues.

One of our treatment areas at the Kentish Town Touch Tuina clinic

During your treatment, it’s likely that you will be asked to spend 10 minutes or so in one of our infrared heat cabinets. The reason for this is that the gentle heat helps to soften your muscles, making them much more flexible and easy to work on, which in turn will greatly increase the effectiveness of your treatment. It’s also a good time to relax for a while and maybe try a little meditation for your mind!

One of our infrared heat cabinets at Touch Tuina Kentish Town

As well as experiencing the body-healing benefits of Tuina massage, we offer a variety of other treatments at the Kentish Town clinic, including acupuncture, reflexology, facial rejuvenation, kinesiology, cupping, guasha therapy, lymphatic drainage, bemer therapy, infrared sauna and Chinese herbs. So whatever your reason for attending, we’re sure our experienced therapists will be able to help you.

If you’d like to visit our clinic and sample any of the benefits it has to offer, simply get in touch to arrange an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!