Visiting The Clinic For The First Time

Viting the Touch Tuina Kentish Town Clinic for the first time

Visiting The Clinic For The First Time

Wondering what your first visit to Touch Tuina will look like?

First we start with a written questionnaire about your general health, to highlight any issues you may have. Then we go onto the physical assessment with the pracitioner, where we will ask some questions to determine the issue. Patients will be instructed to lay down or take a seat depending on the ailment presented. The practitioner will carry out an assessment of the affected areas and tailor the treatment to your needs. Theres no need to remove clothing for the treatment as it will be performed through a sheet.Some medical herbal ointments may be applied to certain areas of your body if necessary.

Your Tuina practitioner may choose to supplement your treatment with additional tools to further aid your recovery. This may include the heat cabinet, cupping, acupuncture, laser therapy and herbs. The heat cabinet is a fantastic tool and is often used during treatments, you do not need to remove any clothing to use it. The practitioner may recommend exercises or stretches for maintenance inbetween appointments.

If you haven’t visited a Touch Tuina clinic yet, just get in touch! You’ll be glad you did!

Is it time to have your first treatment at Touch Tuina Kentish Town?