Stretch of the Month – The March

Errol Lynch demonstrating the Stretch of the Month – The March

Stretch of the Month – The March

We often give exercises to the patient during and also after the treatment. The purpose of doing so is that over the period where a patient is away, they can be doing things themselves to maintain their own health. This can really help and I think education is very very important.

This month’s stretch, ‘The March’ is to combat lower back pain and bad posture. We suggest doing this in a doorway, the reason for this is so you can hold the door frame and then when you’re marching, your head can be as still as possible. If you don’t use the door frame, we find weaker patients can actually move from side to side, whereas with the door frame you can use this as a marker to ensure you are marching correctly.

Start standing in a doorway with your hands holding the door frame, bring your knee straight up and down as high as you can, alternating the legs and making sure they don’t rotate inwards or outwards,

There’s no excuse not to try this one as everyone has a door!