Touch Tuina Practitioner – Matanda Mwale

Matanda Mwale, Touch Tuina Practitioner at the Kentish Town clinic

Touch Tuina Practitioner – Matanda Mwale

Introducing Touch Tuina Practitioner Matanda, who started his journey with Tuina around 4 years ago. Matanda loves the ambiance of being in the clinic and being surrounded by people who are willing to share their knowledge and friendship, as well as the satisfaction of being able to help clients to improve their health and wellbeing.

What did you do before becoming a Tuina practitioner?

I worked as a chef in a restaurant in the airport.

What inspired you to become involved with Tuina?

After having some treatment and doing the student to master course, I realised it worked and it was better than western medicine. It helped me keep fit and healthy.

How long did it take to train? How long have you been a practitioner?

A year but I’ve been doing it for longer and I still think there’s more to learn. So 4 years in total, but I’m still in the nest.

What do you like about working with Errol & Mariana?

There’s an abundance of knowledge, the team is really close, everyone helps one another and yeah, each week is different, it’s good energy, good vibes. The clinic has a good repertoire as well.

Matauda Mwale taking a break from treating clients at the Touch Tuina Kentish Town clinic

What types of clients do you treat?

All, all ages, all sizes, any issue, small to big.

Why do you think everyone should try a Tuina treatment?

Because it works, I don’t think anything beats it. I think also when you receive the treatment you leave the building knowing how to look after the body as well as feeling the improvement.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I get a large sense of self satisfaction, not just from helping people but you put energy into people and you see the results. It’s very rewarding.

Are there specific treatment areas you specialise in?
I would say I’m still learning so there’s a lot more room for growth. Palpations I feel like I’m quite good at and the diagnostics side, but with Tuina there’s always ways to improve.

Do you have any favourite success stories with clients?

Too many, too many, literally each week, so yeah.

If you’d like to book a treatment with Matanda, just get in touch!