Client testimonial – Robin’s story

Errol Lynch with long-term client Robin at the Kentish Town Touch Tuina clinic

Client testimonial – Robin’s story

I’ve had back problems all my life, every few months it would go into spasm and I’d struggle to get out of bed or move for a few days until it eased. I never really stressed too much about it,  just accepting that it was something I’d have to live with.

In my 30’s I took up tennis and fell in love with the sport. The back issues would stop me playing from time to time but eventually I also started to suffer from something that affects most players at one time or another, Tennis Elbow. While talking to a friend about the pain it created, he suggested I go to see Errol at Touch Tuina. He said that Errol had helped him with a shoulder issue he’d had and that he was brilliant!

Errol Lynch working on arm massage at the Kentish Town Touch Tuina clinic

So I gave it a try, went to see Errol and within a couple of sessions the Tennis Elbow pain was completely gone! Not only that, but Errol also worked on my back and the difference was remarkable. In no time at all the change was really noticable, I’d still get pain once in a while but the effects were so much milder that it completely took the worry of the issue away.

I soon realised that prevention is way better than cure and that if you go to Touch Tuina regularly for maintenance, the chances of pain creeping up on you and disrupting your life are reduced beyond what would have been imaginable. So, I’ve been seeing Errol pretty much every week for around 10 years now and I can’t emphasise enough what a difference it has made to my life. Going every week might seem a bit extravagant but it’s worth remembering that you can’t really put a price on your health and quality of life, the joy of living pain-free and the feeling that your body is ready for anything!

Errol Lynch performing back massage at the Kentish Town Touch Tuina clinic

I exercise almost every day, playing tennis, going to the gym and running, and because Errol works on the whole of the body, all of these become easier and your performance is much better as a result of your body being suppler and more flexible. Also, needless to say, your chances of getting injured are much lower because overall you’re in much better shape and better prepared to cope with the stresses on the muscles. It’s so rare now that I get back issues that I’ve pretty much forgotten what it used to be like to constantly live with it.

As Errol sometimes travels abroad for work, it’s inevitable that there will be times when he’s not at the clinic, that’s never an issue though because there are many talented practitioners working for Touch Tuina, such as Mariana, Adrian and Peter, so there’s always somebody available to give you an expert treatment. If you have pain issues in your body, I’d wholeheartedly recommend a visit to your nearest practice, I can testify with expreience that it just might change your life!