Errol Lynch – Touch Tuina Founder

Errol Lynch, Touch Tuina Founder

Errol Lynch – Touch Tuina Founder

Along with Mariana Arando, Errol Lynch is the founder of Touch Tuina. Overseeing a trio of clinics in Kentish Town, Catford and York, Errol is the UK’s leading Tuina therapist and master of Chinese medicine, with a client list that includes Premiership footballers, such as Eddie Nketiah and Reese Nelson of Arsenal and Eberechi Eze of Crystal Palace and England, Olympic athletes Perry Shakes Drayton and Marilyn Okoro, plus well-known names from the worlds of professional tennis, boxing and kick boxing.

Born in the Whittington Hospital in Archway, Errol grew up in Camden and studied martial arts in Kings Cross before learning acupuncture. After first studying Shiatsu, he was first introduced to Tuina in 1998 on an acupuncture clinical visit to China and subsequently began studying the ancient Chinese therapy treatment after discovering that it combines the best of Eastern and Western medicines and techniques.

Since realising the benefits of what Tuina has to offer, Errol has travelled to China twice a year to continually further his studies, by learning from Chinese medicine’s premier doctors and professors including Professor Fan Bing Hua and Professor Zhan Qiang. He is now one of only a handful of non-native practitioners privileged to be able to teach there.

Errol Lynch, founder of Touch Tuina treating a patient

Although thousands of years old, Tuina is still in its infancy in the world of Western therapy. Over the years since discovering Tuina, Errol has spent over 100,000 hours studying the discipline, over 40,000 hours working on patients and more than 10,000 hours teaching the art to the many students that sign up for his courses each year. Thanks to Errol, there are now Tuina practitioners working around the globe and spreading the word worldwide.

Of Tuina, Errol says ‘It’s a multi-disciplinary treatment which combines the theory and knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine, with hands on practice similar to the manipulations of chiropractics and massage as a stand-alone treatment. With Tuina we not only treat the condition, but also the client’s constitution, focussing on the root causes of their issues. This is how it differentiates from other treatments and is why it so effective for so many conditions.’

‘In the West there is this historical fear of complementary medicines along with the competitiveness of West versus East. In China, we study both, so it’s not primarily about the importance of the therapy itself but the importance of the patient. Ultimately, I’d love to see it become part of the NHS, we’ve been chasing for far too many years in the wrong direction. A step in the right direction is that as of 2023 we’ve started to work with Bart’s Hospital, treating their staff.’

Errol Lynch, founder of Touch Tuina preparing a Chinese herb mix at the Kentish Town. clinic

Errol maintains that regular Tuina treatment can help everyone bring out the best in themselves, whether performing in sports or in their everyday life. Speaking of the impact on Perry Shakes Drayton’s London 2012 Olympic performance he says ‘What was nice was that every time she received Tuina she ran faster. What it did for her was get her to run without fear’.

Errol is the UK’s leading pioneer and advocate of the many physical, mental and emotional benefits of the Tuina practice. As well as renowned sporting athletes he treats private clients from all walks of life and all ages, the youngest being six months old and the oldest in their 90’s. His clients range from those who use Tuina for relaxation and maintenance to those with serious physical ailments and illness. If you’d like to find out how Tuina can help you to become the best version of yourself, just get in touch to book your first appointment!