Touch Tuina Practitioner – Issie Halil

Issie Halil, Tiuch Tuina Practitioner

Touch Tuina Practitioner – Issie Halil

Issie is not only one of our most experienced practitioners, he also runs the Touch Tuina Catford clinic in South London. We sat down with him and talked about his journey to getting involved with Tuina and what inspires him going forward.

What did you do before becoming a Tuina practitioner?

I was a Black Cab London Taxi driver.

What inspired you to become involved with Tuina?

Errol persuaded me to take up Tuina! Actually though, it was as a result of some injuries I was suffering from, I tried a lot of different places before discovering Tuina and Errol actually helped me from there. After getting better, I carried on seeing him as a patient and then he kind’a bullied me into doing the course, he was very persuasive!

How long did it take to train? How long have you been a practitioner?

I’ve been doing it for ten years now and really I’m still training, so it’s a lifelong journey, you definitely sign up to it for life. In the beginning I thought it would be something like a one year course and then I’d be done, but every day it’s a different sphere of learning, a different level, and in time you just get better and better at it.

Issie Halil, Touch Tuina Practitioner

What do you like about working with Errol & Mariana?

We’ve become family, it’s like they’re a part of my life, so it’s not simply what I like about working with them, it’s that they’re an integral part of my life, so sorry, but I can’t really answer that question in a few words. On top of that, it’s the constant evolving that I love.

What types of clients do you treat?

I treat anyone from pro fighters to pro footballers, from pro athletes to everyday people to retired patients, so really it’s people across the board.

Why do you think everyone should try a Tuina treatment?

In a nutshell, it saves lives!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Seeing the person stand up and walk after they come in practically crawling!

Do you have any favourite success stories with clients?

Probably my patient Suleiman, a 56 year old with Motor Neurone Disease He was told he had got Parkinson’s, arrived in a wheelchair and after 6 or 7 weeks we actually got him walking, so that’s probably my biggest success story.

Issie Hall, Touch Tuina Practitioner

What made you decide to set up the clinic in Catford?

We wanted to evolve in one way or another, and where I’m based in South London, there was a need for a clinic so it was the logical way to go. Besides, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, so it made sense to expand the brand we’re working with.

How long did it take to do?

We started the work in October and finished in March, so around 6 months from beginning to completion.

What’s your favourite thing about the Catford clinic?

I don’t know, it’s the team, the great work we do, plus it feels like home from home!