Guasha Therapy

Guasha therapy

Similar to our cupping therapy, this treatment is usually an add-on incorporated within another treatment to further facilitate healing and repair.

A tool made from porcelain, buffalo horn, jade/stone or resin is usually used to ‘scrape’ the skin and underlying tissues to affect how disease travels through the different layers of the body.

When pressure is placed on muscle fibres and connective tissue guasha can stimulate natural painkillers by altering tension in the connective tissue, block nerve signals to the brain, stimulate an immune response and increases local blood circulation.

Again, similar to cupping, guasha produces transitory petechiae that represent extravasation of blood in the subcutaneous tissues. The markings will show where pain or blockage is present.

Cupping therapy is often carried out as part of another treatment. You can however book only this treatment.

Experience1/2 Hour
Senior Practitioner£40