Tuina Student To Master Level 1

Length of Study

12 Months part-time
(100% attendance for the 6 classroom weekends /6 months clinical training
– one day a week)



Class & Practical


Course Syllabus

Learn all the Tuina hand techniques from The Student to Master Manual and DVD

  • Introduction to TCM
  • Zang-Fu
  • Yin Yang theory
  • Five elements
  • 15 channels and 30 common points


  • Massage protocols, for Prone, supine and seated routines
  • Massage protocols for the forearm, hand and calf treatments
  • Learn to increase mobility, improve blood circulation, decrease pain, increase healing

Inclusive of six-month in-house clinical hands on training, equivalent to 400 hours clinical supervision and mentoring.

Case history taking and business start-up.

Practical examination, homework’s and a minimum requirement of A&P Level 3 would be needed to complete the qualification.