Tuina base reflexology

Course content

Length of Study
6 months part-time over 6 weekends
Course Syllabus
  • History of reflexology
  • Differences between western and eastern techniques
  • Tuina-based hand techniques for the feet
  • Introduction to:
    • TCM
    • Yin Yang theory
    • Five Elements
    • Zang Fu
    • Channels and points of the leg
  • Reflex zones of the feet
  • Treatment of common ailments, injuries and internal conditions
  • Case history taking contraindications
  • Routines ad protocols of Tuina based foot massage
10 Case studies and practical exam for completion of certification

Weekend content

Weekend 1
  • History of Reflexology and Touch Tuina
  • Contra indications
  • Touch Tuina hand techniques
  • Forearm massage (channel work)
Weekend 4
  • How to perform full massage
  • 5 Elements Theory
  • Case history taking
Weekend 2
  • Calf massage (channel work)
  • Tuina reflex zones and mapping
  • Tuina techniques for foot massage

Weekend 5

  • How to treat diseases of the foot, plantar fasciitis, severs etc.
  • How to do seated massage and to prepare for clients (foot soak)
Weekend 3
  • Work with zonal areas of the foot
  • Channels of the hand and legs
  • Yin Yang Theory
Weekend 6
  • Assessment and test

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