Stretch of the Month – The Cobra

Touch Tuina Stretch of the Month - The Cobra

Stretch of the Month – The Cobra

Do you get back pain from sitting all day?

If so, try the cobra stretch to relieve tension and improve your posture!

For this month’s ‘Stretch of the Month’ we have a simple ‘Yoga Inspired’ exercise, The Cobra. The Cobra is a simple but really effective exercise, it helps with lower back and spine, opening up the chest and shoulders and promotes blood flow to the spine and surrounding muscles.

This stretch can be done on the Floor on a yoga mat or on a bed.

Firstly, lay on your front, start by coming onto your forearms and then you’re gently going to bring your head neck and shoulders up. You’ll feel all the sacrospinalis muscles working and stretching.

If this feels ok and you feel like you want a bit more of a stretch, then you’re going to come up onto your hands to get even more of a curve into the lumbar spine. And again, you’re going to feel all the sacrospinous muscles, all the erectile spinal muscles working through the posterior chain.

If you want to add on to that, you can turn your head left, turn your head right and then hold.

Make sure you listen to what your body’s telling you. Is it too much? If it is, ease off. If you can go some more, do so. And then going on to hold that for up to a minute, 2 minutes preferably. The more you practice this stretch you’ll find the further you’ll be able to go!


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