Client testimonial – Karine

Karine Rico-Perez with Errol Lynch at Touch Tuina

Client testimonial – Karine

My name’s Karine and I am a Tuina practitioner in France. When I first met Errol I was very impressed: I’ve been watching this guy on Youtube for years and I wanted to meet him in person, so I booked a massage last March and came to London… Here I am 3 months later, I’ve just spent 3 days at Touch Tuina, observing Errol and his team, practicing and learning.

My head and my hands are full of new things, I’ve learned so much!

I was able to observe the quality of the Touch Tuina massages and how the patients were different at the end of the treatment! For example I’ve seen this young lady who could hardly move her arm and she was in pain… Errol fixed her in less than 3 minutes! This is not magic, this man has the knowledge! But more than just having the knowledge, he knows how to share it with his team and they work all together with the same goal: to fix people and to promote Tuina!

I was amazed by the quality of the massages of every practitioner. The best quality I’ve seen!

Errol took time for me, helped me, gave me advice, let me practice with him and on him with no problem, gave me tips to take care of myself and to be more confident. The whole team took such a good care of me!

I recommend to every practitioner to come spend some time with the Touch Tuina team.

Thank you Errol! I will follow you on Youtube even more now;-)

Thank you Mariana, Chris, Selina, Issie, Omar and all the people I’ve met.

Thank you Lena for always puting a smile on everybody’s face!

I’ll be back!

Touch Tuina rocks:-)