Touch Tuina Practitioner – Dahl

Touch Tuina practitioner Dahl standing in the doorway of the Kentish Town Massage clinic

Touch Tuina Practitioner – Dahl

What did you do before becoming a Tuina practitioner?

Originally my background is as a performer, as a dancer. I used to teach dance and now I actually teach Pilates as well as working with yoga.

What inspired you to become involved with Tuina?

Well, as part of my dance training and then becoming a professional dancer, I actually did realise the value of massage. So, when I was involved in shows, I would take some time out, usually about two or three hours before the show and set up massage for other people that were in the show. It was difficult to find practitioners to actually come to the shows, to take care of the performers, so I used to take some time out and do that for them. But I’d also make sure that twice a week I’d get somebody to come and visit me at home to make sure that I actually took care of myself as well.

How long did it take to train? How long have you been a practitioner?

The training, I would say, is non-stop! Initially, there is a year’s course for Student to Master and then there’s a second year-long course. But the teaching is continual because there’s so much that you can use to extend the knowledge of what you think you’ve gained in your courses. Now, altogether, it’s probably about four years.

What do you like about working with Errol & Mariana?

The continual knowledge, continual learning. Every day does bring something new and if it’s not new to you, then it’s something that you might have forgotten. So, you’re continually building your knowledge and your practice.

What types of clients do you treat?

All kinds of clients! As well as people that walk through the door, I’ve got regular people that have severe mobility issues and I’ve also worked with a couple of athletes. With my Pilates, I have started working on a lot of elderly patients, so I’ll do treatments during or after they’ve had their Pilates sessions. So, it’s varied, very varied.

Why do you think everyone should try a Tuina treatment?

The practitioners have such great knowledge. It’s not simply about Tuina Massage, it could also be about Reflexology or Kinesiology, but all of it can actually go into a treatment, so you as the patient may not be entirely aware of the exact kind of treatment you’re receiving, so I think via the course that I’m on at the moment, in terms of Tuina, it’s not just one thing that the person would actually be receiving, which means it’s a treatment that will be very special.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Gosh, I guess it’s getting to know the different bodies that you encounter and the obstacles that you will come across. With a person that has ‘x’ going on you might be able to use this treatment on them, but another person has ‘XYZ’ going on, so you might not be able to use the exact same treatment that you would use on somebody else. So, it’s about trying to find different ways of treating potentially the same issue, but on a different body. It’s great.

Are there specific treatment areas you specialise in?

No, not at this moment in time, but I’m finding that with the various things that I’m learning or have learned to date, I don’t think there’s an area that I’d specifically like to specialise in, mainly because of the growing knowledge I’m gaining. So, I think that experiencing different things works better overall.

Do you have any favourite success stories with clients?

Yes, but I think it’s more in line with my clients that I work with in Pilates. They hear my story in terms of what I’m doing outside of the studio and become interested in Tuina, but they’re not entirely sure what it is. I’ve been slowly but surely introducing it to my Pilates clients as time goes on saying ok, let me just try this, how did that feel? So that’s how I’m getting instantaneous responses to my treatments, by doing what I think might help them.


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