Touch Tuina and the Bloodline League

Touch Tuina is proud to be working with The Bloodline League

Touch Tuina and the Bloodline League

Last weekend, Touch Tuina were in attendance at the Bloodline League, held at the Bloodline Gym in Clapton, giving treatments to the Muay Thai and Kickboxing competitors. We’ve been working with them for many years and are proud of the support that we’ve been able to give, helping the fighters to perform at their best.

Touch Tuina practitioners giveing treatments to the competitors at The Bloodline League event

The Bloodline League events aren’t just about fighting, they’re about having a good time, supporting a community and bringing people together. Each event is a family day out, filled with excitement  and non-stop action. You get the opportunity to see raw talent, experience the good vibes, be entertained and most importantly support and build a community.

To see us in action at the event, take a look at the video below –

To see first-hand the benefits that a Touch Tuina treatment can bring to your performance, check the video below!

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Tuina has a long historical connection with the martial arts. Chinese medicine is unsurpassed in levels of knowledge and practical skill in the areas that The West call ‘sports medicine and traumatology’. In the video below, we see how Arnold Oborotov, a professional Kickboxer at Bloodline, is treated at Touch Tuina and why he thinks everyone should visit the clinic! –

In our full Youtube video, Arnold Oborotov talks about how Touch Tuina keep him free from injury and perfoming at his best. In this video, Errol Lynch and Mariana Arando are showing how we’re making the difference between winning and losing for MMA professional fighters. Combat is the true test of any warrior art and Tui Na is proving its worth for another generation of warriors as it has done for thousands of years in China.

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If you’re not an MMA fighter, don’t worry, Tui Na can help with a wide range of general and orthopaedic health issues and there is also a very long history of that in China too. If you’d like to make an appointment to find out more, just get in touch!