Touch Tuina Practitioner – Maria

Maria Lourdes Martin is a Touch Tuina practitioer in York

Touch Tuina Practitioner – Maria

‘I initially studied for my university degree in the food industries and subsequently worked in wineries in Spain as a wine make, manager and wine analyst..

I’ve always had an interest in massage though and from the age of 14 practised regularly on my family members. This interest, together with having acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments myself, led me to eventually study Tuina. I was particularly drawn to it as it was a long established and very effective form of Chinese medicine, which held a wisdom born out over time.

My training began with 1 year of intense study and I’ve kept training constantly ever since. I spent 6 months learning reflexology and a further year studying Orthopaedic acupuncture. I continued onto the second level of Tunina for 6 months and worked with Errol (founder of Touch Tuina and my teacher) in the clinic in between all my courses.
I’m also teaching and training in Kundalini yoga, currently on level 2 (3rd year) which is 5 years ongoing, and a student of Sat Nam Rasayan, a healing system through consciousness. I studied Reiki even before my Tuina training.

I’ve been a senior practitioner and have been qualified in Tuina since 2015, so for 9 years. I treat many different conditions with patients but mainly back problems. This includes kyphosis on the upper back and 1st thoracic vertebrae, and disc problems. I treat tennis elbow often, in combination with acupuncture, and injuries particularly with knees, ankles and plantar fasciitis. I also treat patients suffering from anxiety and depression, particularly when they are dealing with grief and bereavement.

Maria Lourdes Martin at work in our York Touch Tuina clinic

Tuina has the particular benefit of being able to treat and heal the body in many areas other than specific joint or muscular issues, for example, body issues around weight. Often, a patient is not ‘over-weight’ as such but suffering from swelling and inflammation caused by very poor digestion and spleen malfunction. Tuina can treat the spleen to reduce swelling (and aid digestion) and through kinesiology discover the cause.

I particularly like to be able to connect and communicate with my patients on a deep level, I aim to give patients a healing experience where they can relax and ‘drop their guard’, which allows for honest congruence based on ‘trust’ and ‘safety’. This enables real healing, both physical and emotional, to take place.

Some issues may be resolved quickly, for example, I had a patient with loss of balance due to problems with their ear and after 2 treatments they recovered. Spinal issues though, for example, take longer but patients do recover and often feel, ‘renewed’ as a result. Treatments are built up over time, I may begin with the limbs and long muscles (using Tuina and cupping if needed), then move on to smaller muscles which link the vertebrae (combining Tuina and acupuncture for example.)
I also sometimes use the ‘Dolphin’, which is an electrical acupuncture machine for people who dislike needles but is also highly effective in its own right. It breaks down scar tissue which can often be obstructing the flow of energy along the body’s meridians. This lack of flow can affect the internal health of organs.

With my experience and training I use a multi-layered approach, specifically tailored to individual patients needs. It’s my sole aim to take them on their healing journey with integrity and dedication and to bring them to their optimal health.’

Maria is based in our York clinic, if you’d like to book an appointment with her, just get in touch!