Stretch of the Month – Neck & Spinal Decompression

Errol Lynch demonstrating April's Stretch of the Month

Stretch of the Month – Neck & Spinal Decompression

For April’s Stretch of the Month we have two parts, these two exercises are based in the Kitchen, both quite easy to do and we recommend that you do them every time you come into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Exercise number one, it’s for the upper neck, for those people that lean or hunch forward, strengthening the muscles in the neck can bring your neck back and help to improve your posture.

So start in a corner of your kitchen, where you can place your hands on a counter either side, lift yourself up, keeping your arms and legs straight lower the body and raise the body, so your body is moving up and down whilst your shoulders stay fixed and your arms and legs are still straight, this creates the stretch in your shoulders and neck, to strengthen your neck.

Exercise number two is for spinal decompression, and lower back pain, often the spine is too straight, so to counteract this you want to relax the muscles outside of the spine, bigger muscles including the QLs and the Glutes, as well as other muscles in there.

So again the corner of your kitchen, place your hands on the counter either side, lift yourself up, make sure your shoulders are fixed, bend the knees and rotate from the waist, from side to side with the legs, and that will force the lower lumbar and vertebrae to rotate in the sockets while there’s traction.


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