Stretch of the Month – The Standing Stretch

Errol Lynch of Toucg Tuina demonstrates the standing stretch

Stretch of the Month – The Standing Stretch

In our clinic, we frequently treat patients seeking relief from back pain. An interesting observation we’ve noted is that many patients tend to look down as they sit and stand, potentially worsening their condition. This habit of gazing downward, especially when bending forward, puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back, making existing discomfort or even causing new pain.

Errol Lynch's standing stretch - part 2

We advise a simple change: instead of looking down, look up at least 45 degrees. This keeps the spine straight, reducing strain on the lower back and alleviating discomfort. Additionally, this adjustment helps strengthen the legs, providing better support for the lower body. So, by making this small change in posture, patients can experience significant and lasting relief from back pain.

rrol Lynch's standing stretch - part 3

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