Client Testimonial – Scott

Touch Tuina client Scott talks about how visiting the clinic has helped both him and his dad!

Client Testimonial – Scott

‘I’ve visited Errol at Touch Tuina York on quite a few occasions. He’s given me treatment on lower back pains, which had escalated down my right hamstring and lower leg. After a very informative, knowledgeable 1 hour session, my problems were solved, with a mass of knowledge about them. I live in Nottingham and Nottingham to York is a bit of a journey, but a journey that’s priceless!

Recently, my Dad has been complaining with multiple issues, lower back pain, calf pain and hammer toe across 2-3 toes on his right hand side. Through multiple doctor’s appointments, he’s been prescribed painkillers, injections, and at a last resort an operation was advised at the end of the month to resurrect his claw like toes. His ongoing pains have been an issue for a few years, and for the last few months I’ve been on at him to make an appointment to see Errol, as I was convinced he had the answers to his problems.

Three weeks ago, I booked him an appointment and forced the appointment upon him. He had an hour’s worth of treatment, from neck to toe Errol massaged him, using his technique of masseuse and I can’t stress how different my dad is in 1 HOUR! His toes are back to a normal state and useable, relieving him of his pain in his right leg and back, his posture in his back has become more neutral, relieving him of the back pain he previously had, all in 1 hour’s worth of treatment, along with advice to use Moxa treatment as an aftercare solution until the next visit!

We hope to return very soon to continue with treatments and put my dad in a better position in both his health and mentally. To anybody questioning the investment in body maintenance, Touch Tuina is the answer!’


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