Touch Tuina Treat The Staff At Barts Hospital!

Errol Lynch and Angelica ready to give Tuina treatments at Barts Hospital

Touch Tuina Treat The Staff At Barts Hospital!

Today was our first day at Barts Hospital! Matanda, Angelica and myself were working there and actually treating the staff of the hospital! This is ground breaking, being recognised by the NHS!

I started many years ago with shiatsu massages and this type of work was, and still is, done on a voluntary basis! Today, many years later, the alternative practitioners are getting paid a fair wage! Going forward, we’ll move from department to department introducing Tuina to as many staff members as possible!

Tuina is a medical based massage, originating from ancient Chinese massage techniques. With Tuina, we treat not only physical issues but internal ones too, through the movement of Qi (blood) around the body, using various techniques to break down stagnation, encourage the body to self-repair, health, wellbeing, energy and many other various ailments.

At Touch Tuina we’re breaking new ground and the results speak for themselves!!

Errol Lynch, Touch Tuina Founder

Matanda and Angelica giving Touch Tuina treatments to the staff of Barts Hospital

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