Touch Tuina Practitioner – Angelica

Touch Tuina Practitioner Angelica at the Kentish Town clinic

Touch Tuina Practitioner – Angelica

What did you do before becoming a Tuina practitioner?
I am and I was working for hospitality, so my main background is service, I was a sommelier so my specialty is to keep people happy.

What inspired you to become involved with Tuina?
So Tuina was a bit of an accident, I met my now colleague who I used to dance with and he was a Tuina practitioner. He introduced me to Tuina massage, saying, “This is what I do; feel free to try it.” Intrigued, I agreed. Coincidentally, shortly afterwards, I suffered a severe shoulder injury. I went for a few sessions with him and because it was so bad he referred me to another practitioner, his teacher, her name was Mariana. That’s when I came first through those doors, looking for Mariana and that’s how it started.

How long did it take to train? How long have you been a practitioner?
Training started almost 2 years ago now, the 1st year was the Student to Master course and now I’ve just finished the 2nd year, which is the advanced course. Our practical work starts from the end of the 1st year so it has been almost a year now that I’ve been working with the patients and developing my skills. There’s still a way to get better, with experience.

What types of clients do you treat?
Everyone really. Clients from my background, so a lot of people from Restaurants, they get injured and we work in a stressful environment, carrying a lot of heavy stuff and working in high stress but besides that, people that are athletes, sports, people that are business related, older people, people after an accident, all kinds of people.

Why do you think everyone should try a Tuina treatment?
Tuina is the definition of maintaining yourself, it’s like when you go to the garage to make sure your car is functioning properly, you go to Tuina to make sure your body is functioning properly. People in this world now, they work in a high level of stress, they don’t listen to their bodies. Tuina is the time where you lie down and you can feel it, ‘oh I have a pain there, I never knew I had a pain there how was that possible?’ You really take your time to reflect on your own body.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
I learn something new every day.

Are there specific treatment areas you specialise in?
Tuina is the only part that I have learned so far, I’m starting from here, I also do cupping, which I was taught here.

Do you have any favourite success stories with clients?
All of them are my favourite really.
One of my first patients, a lady who was hit by a car, she was maybe 50 years old and we did 8 sessions. When she came in her leg was not functioning, it was not responding to her, and she was only able to lift it with her hand. After the treatment she was able to move her leg by itself, for me this was really rewarding. It was one of the first patients I had, I considered myself as a beginner in this space and I’d been able to help her!


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