Client Testimonial – Bilgi Polat

Bilgi Polat talks about the benefits she's found through Touch Tuina

Client Testimonial – Bilgi Polat

For many years, I suffered with lower back pain due to disk problems. The pain extended down my leg, disrupting my sleep and daily activities. Through a referral, I discovered the fantastic clinic, Touch Tuina, which significantly improved my life.

After several sessions with Mariana, I started noticing improvements. My leg pain was gradually subsiding, and I was sleeping for more extended periods. Interestingly, I also found myself happier, a change I hadn’t anticipated. It seems Tuina was not only alleviating my physical pain but also enhancing my emotional well-being.

Mariana applied her expert Tuina techniques to promote my healing. She combined Tuina massage with acupuncture to expedite the healing process. When she noticed I was dealing with emotional issues, she used Kinesiology to rectify imbalances and blockages in my energy meridians. This was an entirely new concept to me which I found fascinating.

After a year or 2, I decided to learn more about Tuina to help my loved ones. I became a Tuina practitioner to extend this healing to others.

Mariana and Errol are passionate about sharing their knowledge and teaching others about this powerful traditional Chinese medicine through various hands-on learning courses (including Reflexology, Kinesiology, Hand Acupuncture). I eagerly look forward to expanding my skills under their excellent teaching in future learning sessions.

Bilgi, is now a practitioner of Tuina