Client testimonial – Robin Vitas

Robin Vitas, international cricketer, talks about how Touch Tuina has improved his performance

Client testimonial – Robin Vitas

Robin Vitas, pictured with Dexter Lynch from Touch Tuina York

‘I’m Robin Vitas, international cricketer for Serbia. When I first came here, I’d literally walked past it because I’m local, Googled it and thought ‘that sounds like a good idea for me!’ Then funnily enough, I injured my back the next day at cricket training, this was Thursday and I needed to play on Saturday, so I came in on the Friday thinking there was no chance I’d be playing. Within one hour I was fine!

This was in June and since then I’ve been coming every week, I come on Saturday before the game and it will loosen me up, especially now because I’m older and can get tight, it makes all the difference for the rest of the season. Actually, since coming here I’ve had my best season ever and I’ve been playing for 25 years!

For some time now I’ve had a lower back issue with the discs but I already feel about a million percent better, at the end of the treatments it’s like ‘God almighty, I can stand up straight’ and it’s been a long time since I could do that. That in itself is a big win, but the mobility I’ve gained just in this last hour, compared to what I had, is remarkable. I’ll be honest, I was getting a bit depressed, because I’m so active all the time, I walk 10 miles a day, go to the gym every day and then not being able to do that, it’s tough, not just with the body but the mind too. So, yeah, I feel much better about life now. I’d 100% recommend people to come and see for themselves!’