Cough, Cold & Flu Prevention for the Autumn & Winter period

Mariana Arando's tips for staing healthy as the season starts to change

Cough, Cold & Flu Prevention for the Autumn & Winter period

As we enter the Autumn season, many of us may experience cough, cold and flu symptoms. In Chinese Medicine and 5 element theory, this season is associated with the energy of the lungs. The lungs are connected to the nose, mouth and skin, which are our barriers or first line of defence against airborne pathogens & viruses. Although viruses are opportunistic beasts, now is the perfect time to try and strengthen the lung energy to keep these barriers and defence systems functioning properly!

Chines herbs can really help to build up your immune defences

It’s also a good time to start spring and summer hay fever prevention methods. Chinese herbs to help clear excess mucus and waste from the body can help with this, as well as starting to take a dose of high quality raw wild local bee products, such as pollen, honey and royal jelly.

Honey is a great additive for boosting health

Tips for the autumn/winter season

As the wind starts to bluster, the temperatures drop and damp weather sets in, we should always remember to start to cover up. The neck is a vulnerable place where the cold can enter, so wear a scarf, or one of our snazzy Touch Tuina neck buffers 😉 and it’s also a good idea to wear a hat.

Mariana Arando sporting a snazzy Touch Tuina neck scarf

Eat foods and adaptogenic herbs that can help to strengthen the lungs, for example, almonds, celery, red dates, astragalus, ginger, liquorice, yams, sweet potato, squash, microalgae’s and shiitake mushrooms. Lessen or cut out foods that can promote ‘dampness’ or phlegm in the body, for example, dairy products (goat & sheep dairy is more easily digestible and create less damp), bananas, wheat/gluten, concentrated juices, artificial sweeteners and rich heavy fatty meats.

Another thing you can do is to try Cupping Therapy, to free stagnation in the lung areas of the back. As a boost to help people to get ready we’ll be offering a discount on 1/2 hour Cupping Therapy throughout November and December! If you’d like to find out more about cupping therapy, just visit our website.

Cupping therapy is available at all Touch Tuins clinics

Recipe for a cough, cold and flu prevention tonic

This one can really pack a punch! Measurements of the ingredients are not all that important and it can be fun to experiment with varying flavour explosions!

Roughly chop around half a hand size amount of ginger

Roughly chop 3 or 4 roots of fresh turmeric

Peel and roughly chop a bulb of garlic (optional)

Roughly chop about 5 or 6 hot chillies (variety is up to you depending on your tolerance- also optional)

Peel and chop a whole red onion (optional)

Place in a large, sanitised mason jar and fill to the top with raw apple cider vinegar.

Close the lid and shake every day, let the ingredients infuse for a minimum of 3 weeks, can keep for many months in a cool dark area.

After a minimum of 3 weeks, you can start taking a teaspoon to a tablespoon of just the infused liquid every day (or you can use as a spicy dressing over fish and vegetables).

If it’s too strong for your taste buds, you can add a tablespoon to warm water and add some honey.

Follow Mariana Arando's great recipe for an ultra-healthy tonic

Enjoy and stay healthy this Autumn/Winter season!